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Self-proclaimed aviation nerd Mike Kelley recently compiled the outdoor activity of the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in a single, amazing photograph. The architectural photographer spent nearly an entire day at the south complex of the airport capturing all of the takeoffs and some landings, then spent another eight hours using Photoshop to put everything together, creating a dramatic and impressive final image.


Some interesting words from T-Swizzle. Is true love only the kind that lasts forever? Is unrequited love just as true and beautiful?


Don’t judge me for reblogging T-Swizzle. I’m talking to you, Deanna Kim.


Sometimes, I feel like I fall way too hard in love way too fast. It’s kind of romantic how I can throw, with complete abandon, my heart into every promising human connection and treasure whatever fruits may come from however short a period that person is mine. But, it’s reckless and a little…

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Model after Jean-Paul Gaultier
Photo by Anne-Laure Bovéron

Beck photographed by Autumn de Wilde, 2011

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Start over, Kemi Mai

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Next guy I date that gets bossy with the nudes is getting hit with this lmao

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" Pablo Neruda, Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair (via observando)


Wolfgang Laib sifting hazelnut pollen, 1992

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